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Ulrich Sack lives and works in Tewel-Moor (a hamlet in Lower Saxony, Germany; almost in the center of a geographic triangle formed by Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen);

Born 1953 as son to the later renowned architectural-critic Dr.Manfred Sack; took up studies for a teaching certificate as an art-teacher at the Hamburg Academy for fine arts 1977; from 1979 to 1984 made a living as stagehand, prop manager and assistant-director at the small private theater “Kammerspiele”, Hamburg (Ida Ehre); since then as assistant-director and continuity (script-supervisor) for TV and movie-productions.

Since 1979 several exhibitions, among them:

1985 Stormarnhaus, Bad Oldesloe (with C. Bernstiel:

1988 Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen (wwith H. Stielow)

1989 Centre D’Art Contemporain, Rouen, France (with D. Brindel and B.Mace

1993 Kunsttreppe (art-staircase), Hamburg; Festival of the Arts, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

1994 Free Academy of the Arts, Hamburg Galerie Laik, Koblenz

1997 and 2001 Galerie Laik, Koblenz (with C. Bernstiel)

2002 Villa Ichon, Bremen

2004 Finow, Berlin

2010 Galerie Dr Jochim at the Haeslerhaus, Celle (with C. Bernstiel)

2011 Galerie am Kleinen Plan, Celle


Since 1999 ‘Annuale’ in Tewel-Moor

Works to be found in various private and public collections in Germany, the USA and Australia


1984 Grant from the Rudolf-Lodders-Stiftung, Hamburg

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